Saturday, 7 July 2012

Various stickings for "Scheherezade".

Sometime ago I showed you a one-handed way to play the third movement of "Scheherezade". That article was "Snare drum technique VI. One-handed Scheherezade".

After recording that video, I tought I should try that excerpt using different stickings. You can see the result on the following:

These are the different options (in order of appearance):

© David Valdés

Obviously, these stickings can be reversed if you are left handed and convert rights into lefts and viceversa.

I decided to play the last three eighth notes with my strong hand (right one) in order to get the best rhythmical and timbrical homogeneity, but they can be played with different combinations: RRL, RLL, RLR... (and all their right/left inversions).

Every single sticking showed on the video produces a different phrasing, providing us with many different options when it comes to making music. That, and no other, is the purpose of technique: a mean to get to a musical solution that suits best a particular context.

Which sticking are you using for this famous excerpt?

…et in Arcadia ego.
© David Valdés


  1. Muy interesante el ejercicio, Muy útil para poner en practica el rebote de cada mano, ¡Grande David!

  2. Thank you, David, for this wonderful resource. Could you perhaps tell me what kind of sticks you are using in this video?

    1. Sure! They are a pair of Concorde sticks, Jan Pustjens SD2 model. Thanks very much for reading the blog and commenting.