Tuesday, 9 August 2011

In memoriam David Searcy.

Sadly, I´m writing again mourning a loss. David Searcy has passed away on August, 2nd.

David was timpanist for the orchestra of Teatro alla Scala in Milan (before that, he played for the Bergen Philharmonic), a magnificent musician, and an excellent person. He was also a faculty member at the Royal Academy of Music in London, where I got master classes from him.

His knowledge of the operatic repertoire was enormous, and his ideas on editing notes were a major influence on me.

Rest in peace.

…et in Arcadia ego.
© David Valdés


  1. Many months after this was posted, I am reading this sad news having been previously unaware of David's passing. I had been out of touch with David for many years, but still have fond and vivid memories of studying with him in Montreux, Switzerland way back in 1971. He was an inspiration to me then, and an enormously generous human being (he even drove me and a couple of other students to Milan where we stayed at his home and provided a memorable, whirlwind tour of the city). Just this past weekend I told a student of mine how David described timpani as the "nerve centre of the orchestra" - a wonderful phrase that has stuck with me all these years. I only spent a short period of time with David - the unique and short-lived conservatory I was at invited teachers to give master classes for 2-week periods - but the impression he left was powerful.

  2. On March 15th 2012, a concert celebrating the life and career of David Searcy took place at the Royal Academy of Music. I coulnd´t be there due to a professional engagement... Wish I could attend the event!

    David was a fantastic person and musician.