Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Traditional grip.

After one month, I finally update my blog.

As you already know, I have a passion for the sea and sailing. These last thirty days were devoted to studying and preparing my exam for becoming a Yacht Skipper (my previous qualification was as Leisure Boat Skipper). I had to seriously prepare my exam, so I had to spend some time studying Vessel Technology, Security, Mechanics, Navigation, Radiotelecommunications, Metereology and Law.

Now that I had my exam, I can retake the blog.

Do you remember the article "Snare drum grip"?

On it, I explained how I like attention to detail and my preference for a scientific approach with regard to snare drum technique. On that occasion I wrote about matched grip; today, I´ll explain traditional grip:

Due to the 15 minutes limitation by YouTube, I had no time to explain all things I wanted to. They will come up in future updates. However, I think I was authorized by YouTube to upload longer videos, so future updates may be longer (if that´s possible!).
I said it before, but it´s worth remembering... Technique is not a goal but a mean, a mean to take you to the real aim: Music.

Having said that, do not look down on technique. If Michael Schumacher was driving a Ford Fiesta, he wouldn´t have been seven times F1 World Champion. Your technique has to run parallel to your musical talent, or you won´t be able to express anything.

I hope you enjoy the video.

…et in Arcadia ego.
© David Valdés

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