Wednesday, 15 December 2010

It happens sometimes...

Today, I´ll show you a video that proves timpanists are not free from unforeseen events (footage featuring the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra):

As a cautious musician, our timpanist has the lower right corner of the sheet folded, ready for the page turn, but... The stick gets in the way, and happens what Murphy´s Law prophesses... Total chaos! He tries to recover the score, but it is now an impposible task, and the only thing he can do is an as convincing as possible poker face. We have to say he did very well...

I have experienced something quite similar... It was many years ago, playing Grieg´s Piano Concerto with the Gijón Conservatory Orchestra. As you know, it starts with a timpani solo (a crescendo roll on A). As soon as I started playing, all my music fall down on the head (again, following Murphy, all papers fall on the "active" timpano instead of choosing the mute one...), making a funny noise, something like "gfrxxgrxgrfrfxgrfgfxxxxxxsssssscxscxscxs". Stopping was unviable, as it is a solo, so I had to pretend everything was ok, show my best "nothing-happens-face", and go on.

You see, accidents happen, so we better take them with our best sense of humor.

…et in Arcadia ego.
© David Valdés

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