Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Tambourine technique VI. Rolling using riq techniques.

You may remember that, sometime ago, I wrote an article showing various rolling techniques for tambourine. That article was "Tamborine technique V. Rolls".

Ross Antonich, a follower of this blog, has got in touch with me asking about the roll we named "Riq style roll" in that article.

Trying to clarify as many points as possible regarding this rolling technique, I recorded the following video. On it, I explain how to hold the instrument and the motions producing the roll, all of them coming from the riq tradition.

This technique is a very versatile one, allowing us to play very long rolls with total fluidity, at every dynamic level and, if so we wish, articulating its beggining and ending.

I hope this video clarifies all points regarding this technique and you find it useful.

As you already know, I love learning new "tricks" and techniques so I can integrate them into my "musical arsenal". If you know of any you think I should learn, do not hesitate to contact me to tell me about it.

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