Monday, 12 November 2012

Malletech vibraphones.

PASIC 2012 has taken place during the last days in Austin (Texas). It´s a convention were many concerts, conferences, master classes and events take place, and percussion related brands present their products and novelties.

I have already written about Malletech vibraphones and the absolute revolution its "Love Vibe" is. Thought this vibraphone was "da bomb"? Not happy with this revolution, Malletech has introduced a new model during this last PASIC: The "Omega Vibe" (maybe it´s been named "Omega" because this is the ultimate vibraphone, as "omega" is the ultimate letter in the Greek alphabet?).

Still hot from the oven, we can see a video produced by, on which Leig Stevens himself explains the difference between the two models. Enjoy it!:


I still haven´t tried any of them yet, but I think the true revolution is in the "Love Vibe", being the "Omega" one a little bit more conservative. Should I had to buy a vibraphone, I think I´d go for a Malletech, and it probably may be the "Love Vibe". 

Which one would you chose?

…et in Arcadia ego.
© David Valdés

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