Saturday, 19 March 2011


I can´t deny it: many of you know how much I admire Leigh Howard Stevens, his work, the way he makes music, his sense of humor... Having said that, I have to admit his presence on the cyberspace was frankly poor, as his website was not updated for a vey long time (years, maybe).

Today, I was very pleasantly surprised when I discovered Malletech has renovated its website, which looks like this:

© Malletech

It has many new sections, and much more developed than before. Thre´s a meticulous description of all instruments manufactured by Malletech, including its new vibraphone. Yes, ladies and gentlemen... What everybody was anxiously waiting for (at least me!) is now a reality: Malletech does make vibraphones!

© Malletech

There´s a section devoted to their mallets, arranged by series or instrument, all their music catalogue and recordings, artists, events and news... Everything related to Malletech, Resonator Records, Kp3..., has a presence on the new site.

The best thing is the new educational section, which includes videos and articles, and carries on with the formative side of my favourite section from the older site: "For Marimba Geeks".

© Malletech

Because this new site has been on line for only a few days, it still has some things that need to get fixed, but I´m sure they will be improved soon.

After so much time neglecting their web presence, it seems that, at last, Malletech has pulled up its socks, and I have received their decision with joy... They even have a YouTube channel and a FaceBook account!

I´m really looking forward for the new site to be full of new content.

…et in Arcadia ego.
© David Valdés

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